You like a party. We like a party.


Tripp Burgers will provide your guests with fresh-ground, cooked-on-site, Smash burgers using Tripp’s unique blend of meat* which was featured on The Burger Show

*Contains a little bit of pork


Package One: Offers guests our full menu.


Burgers are made to order. Your guests can choose from the menu below at their leisure during the event.


Single Cheeseburger and Chips   8

Double Cheeseburger and Chips  11

3-stack Cheeseburger and Chips  14

4-stack Cheeseburger and Chips  17

Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Chips  5

Oklahoma Fried-Onion Cheeseburgers are available for an additional fee.

The fee is based on the total number of burgers ordered.

An $850 minimum plus 20% service charge must be met.

A group of 60 or more people will typically order enough to meet the minimum fee. 

Service time: 2 hours.

Package Two: Ideal for film shoots needing a quick turnaround for second meals, we offer a limited menu.

We prepare Single and/or Double Cheeseburgers for your crew or guests.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich is available. Bag of chips included.


Fee is based on total number of burgers ordered.

An $850 minimum plus 20% service charge must be met.

Service time: 2 hours.

Package Three: Let's figure it out.

If Package One and Two aren't quite what you're looking for, shoot us an email and let's figure out what we can do for you. 

Additional Fee Information:

Service Charge: 20% of total amount for travel and labor.

Additional service time after 2 hours - $200 an hour.

Travel fees apply for events outside of LA County.

Non-refundable $500 deposit required to confirm booking.

Credit Cards, Apple and Google Pay Accepted

  *Sales tax and a processing fee included on CC charges

We serve the Greater Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Inland Empire, Palm Springs, Orange County, Ventura County and Santa Barbara areas.

*Travel fees apply outside of LA County

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