Hailing from Los Angeles, Mark Tripp spent 35 years in advertising as a photographer, producer, copywriter and director. Inspired by George Motz’s film “Hamburger America,” Tripp began developing his own burger blend 10 years ago.


His burger philosophy is simple. The flavor of the meat always comes first. His burger blend is a combination of USDA Prime cuts of top sirloin, chuck and bacon.


Tripp counts on award-winning butcher, Richard Schwartzberg, from Bob's Market in Santa Monica to fresh grind each batch to his specifications. Tripp's blend is used exclusively at his pop-ups and catered events.


The Tripp Burger comes on a squishy Martin’s potato roll with melty American cheese. You can start small with a single patty or go big with a 4-stack.


What started as a passion project for Tripp has turned into a labor of love. In May, 2019 he finally shared his burger with, George Motz himself, who gave it his official stamp of approval. Tripp competed in the 2019 LA Food and Wine Festival EPIC Burger Throwdown and has been featured in KTLA's LAunscriptedLA Taco, and Infatuation LA. 


"That's F'ing Good," was Seth Rogen's reaction when biting into a Tripp Burger during an episode of the The Burger Show hosted by Alvin Cailan with Tiffani Thiessen and Adam Richman.

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